The Bear's Story

The Bear's story started out in 1998 when I was 4 years old. I got The Bear from the Kingston General Hospital gift shop to give to my Grandma Leeder while she was staying there after she had a brain aneurysm. When she was able to go home, she kept The Bear with her (he lived in her kitchen for years) and all the Grandkids could play with him when we visited. 

Grandma passed in 2012 and I miss her very much. I kept The Bear as a way of keeping her close to me and I decided to take him on my travels as a way of sharing my adventures with Grandma. What started as a simple way for me to remember her, has now grown into so much more. 

The Bear has become a symbol for anyone who has lost someone - he shows that they never really leave you as long as you keep their memory close.
I hope you enjoy The Bear's adventures - this is only the beginning! I want to travel the world along with The Bear (and Grandma) and share our pictures with you. 

A book picturing the Bear and all his adventures coming soon!

- Sabrina

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